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My educational journey began with a Bachelor's in Commerce, specializing in Accounting in 2006. However, recognizing the importance of honing broader business management skills, I pursued a Master's in Business Administration in 2015, while maintaining my professional commitments. My MBA came from NMIMS, one of Mumbai's esteemed institutions.

Originating from Mumbai, India, my relocation to Toronto in 2016 marked a pivotal step in my career trajectory. My upbringing in a financially constrained environment instilled in me the values of self-reliance, resilience, and embracing calculated risks. Starting with modest earnings of less than $1k annually, I steadily ascended to leadership roles. Presently, I lead a seasoned team tasked with managing the financials and profitability of clients, with a collective annual revenue surpassing $1 billion.

Balancing the roles of a new father and caretaker of a furry companion, life remains bustling. However, amidst the demands, I find solace in pursuits such as photography and painting. I invite you to explore my portfolio in both mediums.


Family time - Toronto 2021 

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