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Overview - Blockchain in logistics operations

Logistics business owned and operated by everyone

A logistics blockchain that

1 - Operates without

  • Directly employing courier/package handler or individuals working in operations

  • Directly owing any assets like vehicle, rental, or owned property used for operations

  • Directly owing space capacity in air-cargo

  • Directly owing hardware required for operations

2 - Owns the block-chain process/software to run logistics but field operations owned and operated by everyone in the blockchain process

Blockchain Process

Blocks represent operational functions

  • Each block signifies an operational function and multiple set of blocks in an order defines the end to end movement of each package

  • Ownership of blocks are decentralized and based on AI-based parameters and algorithms

  • Blocks are connected from pickup till delivery to create system-defined 'block-path'


Block-path Schema 

Block-path (with AI) for each package establishes two important goals 


1. Pre-determine the optimum routing path for the package


2. Track, monitor, and action the actual routing against the pre-determined path

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