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Hi, I am Amit Basak, a seasoned finance and revenue management expert with over 15 years of diverse experience. In addition to my extensive tenure in the logistics sector, where I've excelled in customer service, analytics, operations, marketing, and finance, I've also ventured into entrepreneurship. I've co-founded two startups, each with groundbreaking technology products under provisional patents.

​​My professional trajectory reflects a blend of industry expertise and entrepreneurial spirit. Fuelled by creativity, I'm driven by a desire to introduce innovative solutions that make a meaningful impact on a larger scale. More about me.

Start-up projects in Toronto

Embedded eCommerce (Discontinued)

An initiative to detach the buying process from the e-commerce platforms and bring it to the messaging mobile keypad with the goal of promoting impulse buying and shortening the buying-decision making. [Provisionally protected the IP with USPTO]

Augmented-reality shipping (Discontinued)

A platform that used Augmented Reality to scan a package from a mobile camera to initiate the shipping process. This process solved the problem of the complicated package booking process and brought the overall booking process from several minutes to around a minute. 



Started as a delivery agent and scaled up to different roles during my 15 years tenure. Amongst

Blockchain in logistics

Taking a cue from the impact of blockchain on the finance industry, s

Revenue management

I bring a total of 5+ years of experience leading a team of financial ana

People management

Have led teams in various capacities during my career. Leading a team in In


Successfully created and executed internal and external GTMS in India in 2012-14 w

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